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Dr Sue is a board-certified veterinary oncologist who sees patients for consultation, second opinions, and cancer treatment at the VCA Animal Specialty & Emergency Center in Wappingers Falls, New York. Her desire is to help as many dogs and cats with cancer as she can. However, for medical and ethical reasons, to do that properly she needs to actually meet you and your pet in person.  Please call VCA Animal Specialty & Emergency Center directly to schedule a consultation for your pet.

Dr Sue cannot dispense advice from this website or on social media because it would be legally and morally inappropriate, however she does have a weekly radio show called THE PET CANCER VET on the Radio Pet Lady Network. On this radio show, she invites people to join her to discuss their situation along with her co-host and show producer, Tracie Hotchner, the “Radio Pet Lady.” If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please send a brief description of your dog or cat’s medical condition to Tracie, and she and Dr Sue will contact you about coming on the show. Dr Sue’s motto about pets with cancer is Live longer, live well – and she hopes to be able to bring that outcome to your dog or cat.

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