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Dr. Caitlin“Dr. Sue’s lectures are cutting edge in terms of the information delivered and the visual presentation itself. Her lectures provide valuable information for everyone on the veterinary care team. I’ve personally used her guidelines of the See Something, Do Something movement to educate my clients and reinforce my own recommendations in practice. In addition, I’ve taken techniques and information learned in Dr. Sue’s lectures to raise the quality of care I can offer to my patients with cancer, whether they are treated in my hospital or referred to a local specialist.” 


The Social DVM

“If you are a veterinary professional and have never had the opportunity to attend
Dr. Sue Ettinger’s lectures at a veterinary conference, you are really missing out!
Dr. Sue has a way of explaining the diagnosis and treatment of cancer that is very
easily understood by general practitioners, and everything she presents is super
clinically relevant! Veterinary professionals can go back into the hospital and use
the knowledge to help their patients the very next day!

Her clear, concise calls-to-action for practitioners and pet parents, including “See
something, do something!” and “Why wait, aspirate!” are saving pets lives, and
enhancing the lives of pet and people all over the World!

Dr. Sue works very hard to make herself available and forward her mission to
“Kick Cancer’s Butt” through her Facebook sites (including one just for veterinary
professionals), her website and her videos. She will convince you that cancer is a
very treatable disease, and it’s apparent every time you interact with her that she
genuinely cares about not only HER patients, but OUR patients as well!” 

Bruce W. Francke, D.V.M.

Owner of Bay Animal Hospital

Dr. Andy Roark

"Sue Ettinger is an emerging thought leader in veterinary medicine. She is one of those rare people who is both an action-oriented leader and a gifted communicator. Most importantly, all of her actions are geared towards helping pets and people. Pets, pet owners, and the veterinary profession are lucky that she is among us."

Dr. Andy Roark
Mia Cary, DVM

"Dr. Ettinger is an engaging, thought-provoking presenter that quickly connects with her audience. She is smart, fun, quick-witted, and an asset to any educational program."

Mia Cary, DVM
Chief of Professional Development and Strategic Alliances
Dr. Ryan Llera

“Recently at the north american veterinary conference, i had the opportunity to meet the really awesome Dr Sue Cancer Vet who is launching an initiative to promote early cancer screening.  This is the page for See Something Do Something where amazing information regarding cancer diagnosis can be found."

Dr. Ryan Llera
Leo's Pet Care
"Dr. Ettinger taught us about new tools for treating cancer that didn't exist when I graduated, and challenged us to offer hope, and specialist referral, for tumors we used to consider untreatable. That death may be inevitable, but suffering is not."
Leo's Pet Care
Veterinary Clinic
Mark Hanks

"Thank you for the excellent talk on osteosarcoma. I am a vet in Maine and I currently have 4 patients with osteosarcoma alive... Your style is frenetic, and lots of info, and I love it."

Larry Gerson

"Thanks for the sponsorship program of Dr. Ettinger that was held today in Pittsburgh. She was fantastic."


  • "Dr. Sue Ettinger was fantastic. Very thorough and enthusiastic about her profession."
  • "Great lecturer and beautiful presentations!"
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  • "Dr. Sue was collected, passionate, and dynamic. She provided great information in an interesting way."
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  • "Dr. Ettinger is very energetic and passionate – new perspective on an old subject."
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  • "I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Ettinger about oncology. Her style was very easy to follow and she has a great presence. Easy to listen to."
  • "Sue Ettinger was great."
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